What You Should Know about Circuit Boards?

A printed circuit board is created to replace the bulky wires found inside most of our electronic devices and gadgets. It is made up of thin boards with insulating materials on top where the design will be etched. It is found in most electronic appliances and gadgets we have at home. When PCBs were created miniaturized versions of gadgets and appliances were created.

Printed Circute bordThe PCBs are first introduced in 1943, when Dr. Paul Eisner of Austria first created a work model of a circuit board during the world war. It has however the brain child of Charles Ducats of America who filed a patent for printed wires in 1825.

What are the functions of a Printed Circuit board?

A PCB supports electronic components by physically supporting and electrically connecting such components together without the use of bulky wires. Computers, televisions, radio components as well as communication devices all contain PCBs inside of them. Even the smallest pagers and beepers contain PCBs. PCBs can serve as motherboard ( the large circuit boards that serve to connect the Central processing Unit (CPU), the Random Access Memory (RAM), the input and output devices as well as the USB ports) or daughterboard (or expansion boards) of computers and laptops.

What are the advantages of a Printed Circuit board?

A correctly laid out printed circuit board, can minimize electrical noises. These noises when not controlled can degrade the performance of an appliance. Aside from low noise, PCBs also ensure low radiation as well as low pickup of electromagnetic waves. A low electromagnetic wave prevents cross-talk. Cross talk occurs when the signal transmitted by one circuit creates an effect that is undesirable for another circuit.

Aside from low noise and electromagnetic wave, a printed circuit board makes repairs easy. One can easily diagnose what is wrong with a device by simply looking at the board and their labels. A correctly designed and well planned printed circuit board is properly labeled, making it convenient for both diagnostic and repair.

Circuit boards are also soldered on a PCB, making it unmovable. Even the strongest of shakes and movement will not cause any distraction or worst electronic short circuit inside any electronic component.

How is Printed Circuit Boards Made?

There are several ways to create PCBs. We have acid etching, ultraviolet etching, mechanical etching and LASER etching. Let us go through each of them below:PCB

Acid etching requires the use of acid etc hant or corrosive chemical to etch the layout in a copper plate. In acid etching the design is laid out on a copper plate using an acid resistant ink (black permanent ink marker or ink jet printer works best) and then whatever is not covered is removed and eaten away by the acid.

If acid etching requires the use of a mordant to engrave the design on a copper plate, ultraviolet etching uses ultraviolet rays to do the same function. The design is created and etched using a more expensive machine. The results however are finer, more complicated circuit layouts.

The use of a machine or a routing method is what separates mechanical etching from the first two etching methods. This is considered as the most expensive means to create PCBs, since it requires buying a specific machine to do the job. Mechanical etching can produce multiple PCBs in the shortest amount of time. It can also produce multiple, identical copies of the same design with no time to spare.

Lastly, LASER etching is the most commonly used industrial method in creating PCBs. Laser beams are used to etch the circuit design on the copper plate and no human intervention is needed to do the job.


On pcbnet, there are a lot of design software available online that can assist you in creating the schematic and Printed Circuit Board design. You can also include text and other graphic designs in your layout if you want to.

Ideas for Coin Designs from challengecoins4less.com

Unbeknownst to many, challenge coins have been used by military organizations for many years, and have now gained popularity in other branches of government, service sector, private organizations, and even sports teams. The practice of using challenge coins is believed to have started during World War I, and served as a lifesaver for an American soldier because the French military recognized the insignia on his coin.

The practice of using challenge coins in the United States Military has been used to symbolize unity, brotherhood, and belongingness to a certain unit. It is specially created with the unit’s name, symbol, and logo and collected by members as a keepsake. Some members keep the challenge coin in their wallets or proudly display them on their mantels. These days, it is not only members of military branches who have challenge coins. There are civilian personnel who also collect military challenge coins.

There has been a proliferation of challenge coin makers –

One of these is challengecoins4less.com. Challengecoins4less.com offers customized coin designs, with various design options available. According to them, it is not just orders for custom military coins that are very popular these days. There are also police departments, fire departments, corporations, and even sports teams that order challenge coins. They are not only used to signify membership, but are used as a keepsake or memento, or a special reward for achievement or contribution to organizations.

Custom Coins

Challenge coins usually contain not only the organization’s name, logo, or insignia, but a special symbol or image that signifies the company’s distinctive identity. Advances in coin making techniques have made it possible for challenge coin makers to create various designs. In fact, customers of challengecoins4less.com even have the option of sending in design ideas, choosing the shape, metal style, and other options. They will even send you a free artwork of your design idea, along with a free quotation. If you are not satisfied with the design, they can send you unlimited art changes until the design is to your satisfaction.

Coins may come in round, polygon shape, dog tag shape, or a square shape. A special mold can be made at no extra cost if a customer prefers another specific shape. There are also various metal styles to choose from. Customers usually have the option of gold (either polished gold or antique gold), silver (polished or antique finish), brass, copper, black nickel metal, or duo tone metal.

There are many other coin options such as custom shapes, diamond cut edges, epoxy coating, 3D designs, sequential numbering, and many others. Since there are many choices, challengecoins4less.com usually assists customers in choosing the best combination for their challenge coins. Here are some of our popular design combinations:

1. Polished silver or gold metal with 2 color sides

Some marine corps and US Air Force units prefer to have their unit colors displayed on their challenge coins. Since most military units have two flagship colors, they opt to have challenge coins with two colored sides. The best metal to show off basic military colors are neutral colors such as polished silver or polished gold.

2. Antique Gold or Antique Silver Die Struck

Coin DesignDie striking is a process wherein immense pressure is used to form hard metal into desired shapes. Two sides of the die are placed into a hydraulic press and the imprint of the design is struck into the coin metal. The result of die striking on antique metal is a clear image that is more durable compared to coin casting. Die striking creates an etched, dated look with a higher quality finish, which works well with antique metals such as gold or silver.

3. Antique Brass Metal with 2 color sides, 3D Design

A 3D coin design has intricate depth and richness. It can be painted over so that the details of the design can be clearly seen. The great advantage of a 3D design is that you can see width, depth, and height on the coin. A fully designed 3D coin comes with 2 color sides. Any antique metal goes well with this for optimum effect, but brass has the best ‘aged’ effect.

4. Polished metal with epoxy coating

Gold, silver, and brass are all polished metals that go well with a coin that has an epoxy coating.A sleek and polished coin usually has an epoxy coating. An epoxy coating is essentially a layer of resin which is placed on either one or both sides of the coin to provide a clear and glossy finish. Customers opt to have epoxy coating because they want to emphasize the 3D design on their coins.

Challengecoins4less.com makes it easy for those who are interested in ordering a specially customized challenge coin. They offer free shipping within the US, and the coins come individually packed in clear PVC bags.

Things to Consider When Putting Up a Portable Storage Container Business

Portable storage units offer lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs who see them as the primary option for storing and transporting items. However, venturing into this business will depend on the available amount of land and capital. Not to mention, a lot of focus is also required for the day-to-day operation of this business to ensure that everything is in place.

Below are some of the tips that can help us put up a portable storage container business:

• Market conditions 

The success of this business will depend on the number of people in the area who are willing to avail the rate of the service. Do some research and compare the rates of rental and delivery with other companies. If this business doesn’t exist yet in the community, then we can look for a similar one just to do the comparison.
Normally, portable storage services can reach a wider customer range than the traditional storage services – at about 30-mile radius. Also, portable storage services usually have higher rates than traditional storage units due to the inclusion of pick-up and delivery fees.

Portable Storage Container

• Estimated costs

The cost of operating portable storage services will vary based on a number of factors. One, the size of the container. Two, its length. Three, its material. Four, the system of pick-up and delivery and five, the overall operating cost.
Another factor that we should consider is the warehousing costs. If we have suitable space for warehousing the customer’s storage units, then we should also factor in the cost of maintaining the storage units in that warehouse until it’s time to deliver them to the point of destination.

• Local restrictions 

There are specific municipalities that restrict the placement of portable storage units but mostly, the laws allow the short-term usage of portable storage units for remodeling, moving etc. provided that, permits must be secured whether it’s for long-term or short-term placement.

• Transportation regulations 

Every state has distinct laws but generally, trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 26,000 lbs. require drivers that have commercial license on driving. Also, vehicles that are commercially-owned should be registered. We can seek the help of any local transportation industry professional for compliance concerns.

• Back-up plan

What are we going to do if the only truck we are using for our portable storage container business breaks down? Or if it’s used for family emergencies? For such cases, it’s essential to create a back-up plan in order to keep the business going. Back up options might include getting a trailer truck or the help of a nearby towing company.

Moveable Container

• Legal as well as insurance issues

Getting into the portable storage container business also means that we may need to create rental agreement. In doing this, make sure to consult an attorney who specializes in transportation law. If possible, cover every base and review the agreements of other competitors.

With regards to insurance, insurance companies might be unfamiliar about liability issues on renting portable storage. For this case, we should discuss the liability restrictions with insurance agents during the planning process.
An ideal rental agreement should cover liability limitations as well as the responsibilities of the renters (e.g. proper packing to avoid damage to the contents).

• Inventory

One good thing about the portable storage container business is that we can easily add more containers or units as the business grows. In case we need extra space for storing additional containers, leasing a warehouse can be considered as an option. Another thing to consider during inventory is the truck’s capacity to carry a specific number of containers.

• Marketing plan

Even if we are doing the right thing, no one knows about it unless we come up with marketing efforts to promote the products and their services. We should create marketing plans that will cater the following: homeowners, contractor, document storage needs, retailers and construction sites.

Don’t know where to start? We can check out sites like http://www.moveablecontainer.com to get an overview of their products and services as well as their price quotes and agreements.

Customizing Iron On Patches to Suit Your Needs

Not all the people who purchase custom patches are well aware of certain features and customization options that are available for them to choose. This can cause them to end up purchasing certain patches that might not suit their needs. There are certain types of different areas and features of iron on patches that have various options available. They have different functions so it is best to know them in order to have the exact kinds of patches that would suit your needs. Among the most important basis of which options to choose are the purpose of purchasing those patches as well as the garments that they would be attached to.

Backings for Temporary Custom Patches

There are people who purchase patches only for a certain event or mission. This is common to certain groups such as event organizers. The patches they wear on their uniforms can be based on the events they are hosting or organizing. If you are planning to purchase iron on patches for the same reason, you might want to consider choosing a kind of backing options that would work best for you.

Among the most ideal type of backings you can opt for are the Velcro and the button loop backings. With these two, you can easily replace the patches you have attached on a certain garment. However, if you only need to do this with one temporary patch, you might want to reconsider. Button loop backing will require you to sew a button onto the garment so the patch will have something to attach itself to. If you opt for a Velcro backing, you will also need to attach one of its sides onto the garment.

Iron on Patches

This would not be ideal if you are not planning to place another patch on that garment again. This will require you to remove that button or the side of the Velcro you have attached to your garment and it will be just like you opted for a sew-on patch.

On this case, adhesive backing can be the best option. There are types of adhesives that will simply wear off after a few washes.  If you only need that patch for a 3 to 5 day seminar or convention, then this is the backing you are looking for. There is also what we call a “stick and peel” type of backing which allows you to attach and remove the patch from the garment anytime you like. Its adhesive is much weaker though and it is only recommended for a single use.
Backings for Permanent Patches

If you are planning to have those patches permanently attached on your garments, there are also certain options that you can choose from. The most common type of backing that people choose is the iron on backing. The patches will have a certain adhesive at their backs which will melt onto the garments when heated with a home iron. The adhesives on the iron on patches can last from 20 to 30 washes. You can also opt for a stronger adhesive which can last up to 50 washes. You can also have patches with no backing at all. You will have to sew them into the garments though. If you want convenience in placing your patches, simply opt for the iron on backing.

Complex Designs

Custom PatcheThough embroidered patches are able to provide a 3D look on your designs, there are certain details that are not doable for this type of patch. Embroidery can only work best for simple and large designs. Complex designs can look messy on an embroidered patch. It is also impossible to apply certain details on small patches with embroidery.

If you are looking to have small texts, details and complex designs on your patches, it would be better to choose certain types that can convey this clearly. Woven and printed patches are among the options you can go for. Printed patches can apply almost any design and detail you want including shadows and color transitions since they are digitalized. However, they can fade over time. Woven patches can also achieve complex details but they are not able to provide the emphasis that embroidery can with its 3D look.

There are more features and customization options you can go for. By determining the exact things and look you want for your patches, you can certainly choose the right options to go for. It would also be wise to consult our experts the next time you order your iron on patches.

 Author Bio

If you are looking to purchase iron on patches with good quality and affordable price, you can visit our website www.patches4less.com and contact to us.

Caring for Your Golf Putters and other Golf Equipment

It takes a while to build a great set of golf clubs. Contrary to public belief, you don’t need to buy an entire set of the same brand of golf clubs all at once. You sometimes need to painstakingly choose each one to determine if this is the club for you. Often, the best sets of golf clubs have a different mix of brands and types that fit the stroke style of the owner. Truly, golf clubs are an investment.

Like every investment, it is only right that you take care of it in order to get more out of them. You don’t want to keep replacing them every few months just because some of your golf putters and irons have broken. Mind you, it’s not that hard to break these things despite how sturdy they feel. To help you take care of your golf putters and other golf equipment the team at www.rockbottomgolf.com has created a list of helpful tips for you.

1. Protection –

Make sure to protect each golf club by slipping each one of them in a head cover. A head cover will protect the head of the golf club from unnecessary scratches and nicks that can come from bumping with other golf clubs in your golf bag. Head covers are available for woods, irons, and golf putters.

Golf Putter

Protection also means getting a golf bag with enough room and ample partition so that the golf clubs won’t bump into each other unnecessarily. Use a golf bag that’s lined with soft edges instead of those with metallic rims. Keep your golf bag upright and store it in a cool and dry place. Humidity and moisture can damage not just the bag, but the golf clubs as well.
Protecting your golf clubs also means that you won’t sit on them, lean on them, slam them on the ground, and put heavy objects on top of them. Golf clubs should only be used for golf not anything else. You risk damaging them when you use them for other things.

2. Cleaning –

Throughout the lifetime of your golf putters and other clubs you will go through many dry and wet golf courses that will undoubtedly dirty up your clubs. Don’t fret about the dirt too much. If you clean your club immediately after you use them, then the dirt won’t be as hard to remove. That’s not to say that you have to clean it after every stroke. Just clean them after you’ve finished the game.

To clean golf putters and woods simply dip the head of the club in warm soapy water. Towel dry using a soft towel immediately to avoid rusting.

To clean irons soak them in warm soapy water for about 5 to 10 minutes. Work through the dirt and grime with a soft-bristled brush and then towel dry immediately. Don’t use boiling hot water for soaking any of your clubs.

To clean the shaft of the golf club will depend on the kind of shaft you have. For steel shafts you simply need to wipe it off with a towel after use. If you find any rust spots, you can gently remove it using a fine grade steel wool. You can also apply car wax or polish to your steel shaft for added protection. Graphite shafts are a less sturdy than steel shafts so they need extra care. Cover them with extra-long neck head covers to avoid nicks on the polyurethane coat which can expose the graphite. Clean them with a soft cloth and water and dry immediately. Use specialized wax or furniture wax to further protect the shaft.

3. Grips –

Grips can be replaced once they get worn out. You can find plenty of good quality grips at www.rockbottomgolf.com. For golfers who don’t play often, think once a week, the original grip should last anywhere from 1 year to 2 years. This will also depend on how you store it. For golfers who play often, like every day of the week, grip replacement may be needed earlier than one year.

4. Storage –

Store your golf clubs other golf equipment in a cool and dry place. Store them upright and indoors. Dry all your golf equipment thoroughly before storing them. Don’t leave golf bags in areas where someone can easily bump into them and topple them over. Keep them away from high heat as the polyurethane and paint can melt off the clubs.

The Qualities a Motivational Speaker Must Have

These days, too many people feel like they lag in their own areas of expertise. They start to feel burnout that they tend forget the actual reason why they are in their chosen professions or vocations. They begin to lose the jobs that were their source of livelihood, and when they do, they hated themselves even more.

Maybe, you are part of this equation, or there was a time when you were part of the equation (because we live, and they say that as long as we live, we have the chance to change and or improve ourselves).

Whatever we are going through in life right now, it is always an advantage to hear from a motivational speaker. This speaker is basically someone who is a source of encouragement. At a time when we are in our lowest moments, he pushes us to get up and continue the fight. When we are struggling with decision making, he helps us in making the right choice based on the wisdom we already have within ourselves.

During those precious moments when we are at the heights of our chosen professions, he reminds us to be thankful about it, stay grounded, and move on to greater heights.

Does this mean that we all need motivational speakers in our lives? The answer is, well, not all the time, but we all definitely need to hear from motivational speakers once in a while.

Motivational Speaker

What Motivational Speakers Must Be

Some of you may say motivational speakers must be all about fluff and/or bluff, because it’s their business to make people feel good, but that’s wrong! The job of a good motivational speaker is actually to tell the truth, even if it hurts.
The question is, how do we spot a genuine motivational speaker? Here are some of the qualities we need to look out for:

  • Sincerity : No qualms about it. He must always deliver speeches from the bottom of his heart. No strings attached. There are really no strict rules about it. You, as a listener, should be able to feel the speaker’s sincerity.
  • Eloquence : What is a speaker for if he cannot deliver a speech well? Of course, a good motivational speaker should be able to get his message across.
  • Ability to entertain his audience : No, we don’t mean he must be a singer or a dancer, because we know many who are not were still able to manage and motivate their audience successfully. How else can you draw attention to your message if not for the entertainment you provide your audiences? How else are you going to keep them hooked?
  • Reputable with a spotless record : We bet motivational speakers already have a number of speaking engagements under their belt. This must be an open portfolio for other institutions to browse through. Who have been their clients? Do these clients also have a good reputation? Any testimonials from them as to how their engagement with the speaker has been? How about the other clients? What are they saying about this person? Are those what you want for your organization as well?

Garrison Wynn: A Speaker you can Trust

Motivational SpeakersNow if you really want someone who’s going to cater to your organization’s motivational needs, look no further than on our website. In our website, you have the chance to get in touch with Garrison Wynn, the person behind the bestseller, “What the Top 1% Do Differently” series from McGraw Hill.

Garrison Wynn’s motivational approach focuses on what he calls the top one percent of the population in the world. These are, he says, the happiest, most contented people in the world. He is confident that he belongs to that very small and apparently rare percentage of the population. He can make everybody feel confident that they can belong to that fraction as well.

Check out who his clients have been. Who could go wrong with United Airlines, American Express, Wells Fargo, Subway, or NAPA? And they’re all calling him a rock star, a powerful, engaging, and efficient speaker! been featured in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, plus a couple or so other news outfits. Book a speaking engagement with him now.

Ten Essential Article Writing Tips to Keep Your Readers Wanting More

Writing is your form of expression, your bread and butter, and your passion. By writing in your blog, you get to share to your readers your various perspective on films, music albums, restaurants, fashion, and all other sorts of things.If you are curious as to how you can increase your blog followers and entice people into reading your articles online, here are some cool, great article writing tips you can master within weeks and help you keep your readers wanting for more.

1. Appeal to your readers by using sensory words. By doing this, they get to have a memorable experience from reading your articles. Describe how moist the chocolate cake was, or how soft and smooth the silk dress feels like, or just how warm and humid a certain place is. Just make sure not to go over the top, as your usage of descriptions may be too overwhelming to the readers. Know which points in your writing you need to stress out the sensory appeal to your readers.

2. Be a good conversationalist. In article writing, you don’t necessarily need to write in a formal tone. Write your articles in a way as if you are talking to your friend. Imagine engaging your readers into a two-way conversation with you. Writing shouldn’t have to be all about yourself. Remember to also involve your readers’ interests and participation into your writing.

3. Write interesting, good stories. If you just keep on writing about a certain topic repetitively, chances are, your readers will eventually get bored and wouldn’t visit your blog anymore. Try to describe things in a metaphorical way, creatively. Also, keep in mind that the best stories to tell are the ones that are based on your own personal experiences.

BlogYou can probably share an embarrassing or funny anecdote that readers will surely have fun reading with.

4. Try to be a little unpredictable. Your readers will lose their interest in visiting and reading your blog if your writing style is very routinary and predictable. Break the rules sometimes and opt to leave some mystery to your readers.

5. Do not spoon feed your readers with too much details. As mentioned earlier, it is best to leave some mystery behind to your readers. Let your readers fill in the empty spaces for themselves. Instead of dictating to your readers what they should do on certain things, give a little hint or lead them to think or move towards that direction you are pinpointing at.

6. Know who your readers are and what they actually want from your website. Check out which articles of yours get the most views. In article writing, you have to treat your readers as if they are your friends whom you have known from a long time. Help your readers to solve their problems, get through obstacles, and win over their fears. Know what their frustrations and dreams in life are, and help them to work on it.

7. Take away your readers’ doubts

Proofreadingand sweep them off of their feet. How? Inspire your readers with what you are writing. Article writing isn’t just about expressing your thoughts online. It involves sending a message that could actually initiate change. How and what you will write will either make your readers fall in love with you or loathe you.

8. Always be open to your readers’ suggestions and criticisms. Respond to your readers’ remarks. Acknowledge their online presence and show how thankful you are to your readers for always checking out your website and reading your articles. If somebody leaves a criticism or a nasty remark, tell them how you respect their opinion and that everyone is entitled to share their thoughts about your written works.

9. Do not plagiarize. Your article should be your own words, and if there is a need for you to quote someone, do so appropriately. Include your references too or ask permission from the source if you would like a certain material from them to be included into your article.

10. Lastly, know how you can get your readers’ attention and make them ponder on your writing. Know that in article writing, you should be able to share or impart something to your readers which they can benefit from. Your article should also be able to sufficiently present what your headline offers to your readers.

Content Writing

Giving your readers the satisfaction that they want out of your articles isn’t an easy task. But there are so many ways that you can do in order to make your readers wanting more from your blog. Just give it your best and know that at the end of the day, what is important is that you get to do your passion, and that you get to express yourself in a way that’s most comfortable and relaxing for you.