Ten Essential Article Writing Tips to Keep Your Readers Wanting More

Writing is your form of expression, your bread and butter, and your passion. By writing in your blog, you get to share to your readers your various perspective on films, music albums, restaurants, fashion, and all other sorts of things.If you are curious as to how you can increase your blog followers and entice people into reading your articles online, here are some cool, great article writing tips you can master within weeks and help you keep your readers wanting for more.

1. Appeal to your readers by using sensory words. By doing this, they get to have a memorable experience from reading your articles. Describe how moist the chocolate cake was, or how soft and smooth the silk dress feels like, or just how warm and humid a certain place is. Just make sure not to go over the top, as your usage of descriptions may be too overwhelming to the readers. Know which points in your writing you need to stress out the sensory appeal to your readers.

2. Be a good conversationalist. In article writing, you don’t necessarily need to write in a formal tone. Write your articles in a way as if you are talking to your friend. Imagine engaging your readers into a two-way conversation with you. Writing shouldn’t have to be all about yourself. Remember to also involve your readers’ interests and participation into your writing.

3. Write interesting, good stories. If you just keep on writing about a certain topic repetitively, chances are, your readers will eventually get bored and wouldn’t visit your blog anymore. Try to describe things in a metaphorical way, creatively. Also, keep in mind that the best stories to tell are the ones that are based on your own personal experiences.

BlogYou can probably share an embarrassing or funny anecdote that readers will surely have fun reading with.

4. Try to be a little unpredictable. Your readers will lose their interest in visiting and reading your blog if your writing style is very routinary and predictable. Break the rules sometimes and opt to leave some mystery to your readers.

5. Do not spoon feed your readers with too much details. As mentioned earlier, it is best to leave some mystery behind to your readers. Let your readers fill in the empty spaces for themselves. Instead of dictating to your readers what they should do on certain things, give a little hint or lead them to think or move towards that direction you are pinpointing at.

6. Know who your readers are and what they actually want from your website. Check out which articles of yours get the most views. In article writing, you have to treat your readers as if they are your friends whom you have known from a long time. Help your readers to solve their problems, get through obstacles, and win over their fears. Know what their frustrations and dreams in life are, and help them to work on it.

7. Take away your readers’ doubts

Proofreadingand sweep them off of their feet. How? Inspire your readers with what you are writing. Article writing isn’t just about expressing your thoughts online. It involves sending a message that could actually initiate change. How and what you will write will either make your readers fall in love with you or loathe you.

8. Always be open to your readers’ suggestions and criticisms. Respond to your readers’ remarks. Acknowledge their online presence and show how thankful you are to your readers for always checking out your website and reading your articles. If somebody leaves a criticism or a nasty remark, tell them how you respect their opinion and that everyone is entitled to share their thoughts about your written works.

9. Do not plagiarize. Your article should be your own words, and if there is a need for you to quote someone, do so appropriately. Include your references too or ask permission from the source if you would like a certain material from them to be included into your article.

10. Lastly, know how you can get your readers’ attention and make them ponder on your writing. Know that in article writing, you should be able to share or impart something to your readers which they can benefit from. Your article should also be able to sufficiently present what your headline offers to your readers.

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Giving your readers the satisfaction that they want out of your articles isn’t an easy task. But there are so many ways that you can do in order to make your readers wanting more from your blog. Just give it your best and know that at the end of the day, what is important is that you get to do your passion, and that you get to express yourself in a way that’s most comfortable and relaxing for you.