The Qualities a Motivational Speaker Must Have

These days, too many people feel like they lag in their own areas of expertise. They start to feel burnout that they tend forget the actual reason why they are in their chosen professions or vocations. They begin to lose the jobs that were their source of livelihood, and when they do, they hated themselves even more.

Maybe, you are part of this equation, or there was a time when you were part of the equation (because we live, and they say that as long as we live, we have the chance to change and or improve ourselves).

Whatever we are going through in life right now, it is always an advantage to hear from a motivational speaker. This speaker is basically someone who is a source of encouragement. At a time when we are in our lowest moments, he pushes us to get up and continue the fight. When we are struggling with decision making, he helps us in making the right choice based on the wisdom we already have within ourselves.

During those precious moments when we are at the heights of our chosen professions, he reminds us to be thankful about it, stay grounded, and move on to greater heights.

Does this mean that we all need motivational speakers in our lives? The answer is, well, not all the time, but we all definitely need to hear from motivational speakers once in a while.

Motivational Speaker

What Motivational Speakers Must Be

Some of you may say motivational speakers must be all about fluff and/or bluff, because it’s their business to make people feel good, but that’s wrong! The job of a good motivational speaker is actually to tell the truth, even if it hurts.
The question is, how do we spot a genuine motivational speaker? Here are some of the qualities we need to look out for:

  • Sincerity : No qualms about it. He must always deliver speeches from the bottom of his heart. No strings attached. There are really no strict rules about it. You, as a listener, should be able to feel the speaker’s sincerity.
  • Eloquence : What is a speaker for if he cannot deliver a speech well? Of course, a good motivational speaker should be able to get his message across.
  • Ability to entertain his audience : No, we don’t mean he must be a singer or a dancer, because we know many who are not were still able to manage and motivate their audience successfully. How else can you draw attention to your message if not for the entertainment you provide your audiences? How else are you going to keep them hooked?
  • Reputable with a spotless record : We bet motivational speakers already have a number of speaking engagements under their belt. This must be an open portfolio for other institutions to browse through. Who have been their clients? Do these clients also have a good reputation? Any testimonials from them as to how their engagement with the speaker has been? How about the other clients? What are they saying about this person? Are those what you want for your organization as well?

Garrison Wynn: A Speaker you can Trust

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