Customizing Iron On Patches to Suit Your Needs

Not all the people who purchase custom patches are well aware of certain features and customization options that are available for them to choose. This can cause them to end up purchasing certain patches that might not suit their needs. There are certain types of different areas and features of iron on patches that have various options available. They have different functions so it is best to know them in order to have the exact kinds of patches that would suit your needs. Among the most important basis of which options to choose are the purpose of purchasing those patches as well as the garments that they would be attached to.

Backings for Temporary Custom Patches

There are people who purchase patches only for a certain event or mission. This is common to certain groups such as event organizers. The patches they wear on their uniforms can be based on the events they are hosting or organizing. If you are planning to purchase iron on patches for the same reason, you might want to consider choosing a kind of backing options that would work best for you.

Among the most ideal type of backings you can opt for are the Velcro and the button loop backings. With these two, you can easily replace the patches you have attached on a certain garment. However, if you only need to do this with one temporary patch, you might want to reconsider. Button loop backing will require you to sew a button onto the garment so the patch will have something to attach itself to. If you opt for a Velcro backing, you will also need to attach one of its sides onto the garment.

Iron on Patches

This would not be ideal if you are not planning to place another patch on that garment again. This will require you to remove that button or the side of the Velcro you have attached to your garment and it will be just like you opted for a sew-on patch.

On this case, adhesive backing can be the best option. There are types of adhesives that will simply wear off after a few washes.  If you only need that patch for a 3 to 5 day seminar or convention, then this is the backing you are looking for. There is also what we call a “stick and peel” type of backing which allows you to attach and remove the patch from the garment anytime you like. Its adhesive is much weaker though and it is only recommended for a single use.
Backings for Permanent Patches

If you are planning to have those patches permanently attached on your garments, there are also certain options that you can choose from. The most common type of backing that people choose is the iron on backing. The patches will have a certain adhesive at their backs which will melt onto the garments when heated with a home iron. The adhesives on the iron on patches can last from 20 to 30 washes. You can also opt for a stronger adhesive which can last up to 50 washes. You can also have patches with no backing at all. You will have to sew them into the garments though. If you want convenience in placing your patches, simply opt for the iron on backing.

Complex Designs

Custom PatcheThough embroidered patches are able to provide a 3D look on your designs, there are certain details that are not doable for this type of patch. Embroidery can only work best for simple and large designs. Complex designs can look messy on an embroidered patch. It is also impossible to apply certain details on small patches with embroidery.

If you are looking to have small texts, details and complex designs on your patches, it would be better to choose certain types that can convey this clearly. Woven and printed patches are among the options you can go for. Printed patches can apply almost any design and detail you want including shadows and color transitions since they are digitalized. However, they can fade over time. Woven patches can also achieve complex details but they are not able to provide the emphasis that embroidery can with its 3D look.

There are more features and customization options you can go for. By determining the exact things and look you want for your patches, you can certainly choose the right options to go for. It would also be wise to consult our experts the next time you order your iron on patches.

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