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Unbeknownst to many, challenge coins have been used by military organizations for many years, and have now gained popularity in other branches of government, service sector, private organizations, and even sports teams. The practice of using challenge coins is believed to have started during World War I, and served as a lifesaver for an American soldier because the French military recognized the insignia on his coin.

The practice of using challenge coins in the United States Military has been used to symbolize unity, brotherhood, and belongingness to a certain unit. It is specially created with the unit’s name, symbol, and logo and collected by members as a keepsake. Some members keep the challenge coin in their wallets or proudly display them on their mantels. These days, it is not only members of military branches who have challenge coins. There are civilian personnel who also collect military challenge coins.

There has been a proliferation of challenge coin makers –

One of these is offers customized coin designs, with various design options available. According to them, it is not just orders for custom military coins that are very popular these days. There are also police departments, fire departments, corporations, and even sports teams that order challenge coins. They are not only used to signify membership, but are used as a keepsake or memento, or a special reward for achievement or contribution to organizations.

Custom Coins

Challenge coins usually contain not only the organization’s name, logo, or insignia, but a special symbol or image that signifies the company’s distinctive identity. Advances in coin making techniques have made it possible for challenge coin makers to create various designs. In fact, customers of even have the option of sending in design ideas, choosing the shape, metal style, and other options. They will even send you a free artwork of your design idea, along with a free quotation. If you are not satisfied with the design, they can send you unlimited art changes until the design is to your satisfaction.

Coins may come in round, polygon shape, dog tag shape, or a square shape. A special mold can be made at no extra cost if a customer prefers another specific shape. There are also various metal styles to choose from. Customers usually have the option of gold (either polished gold or antique gold), silver (polished or antique finish), brass, copper, black nickel metal, or duo tone metal.

There are many other coin options such as custom shapes, diamond cut edges, epoxy coating, 3D designs, sequential numbering, and many others. Since there are many choices, usually assists customers in choosing the best combination for their challenge coins. Here are some of our popular design combinations:

1. Polished silver or gold metal with 2 color sides

Some marine corps and US Air Force units prefer to have their unit colors displayed on their challenge coins. Since most military units have two flagship colors, they opt to have challenge coins with two colored sides. The best metal to show off basic military colors are neutral colors such as polished silver or polished gold.

2. Antique Gold or Antique Silver Die Struck

Coin DesignDie striking is a process wherein immense pressure is used to form hard metal into desired shapes. Two sides of the die are placed into a hydraulic press and the imprint of the design is struck into the coin metal. The result of die striking on antique metal is a clear image that is more durable compared to coin casting. Die striking creates an etched, dated look with a higher quality finish, which works well with antique metals such as gold or silver.

3. Antique Brass Metal with 2 color sides, 3D Design

A 3D coin design has intricate depth and richness. It can be painted over so that the details of the design can be clearly seen. The great advantage of a 3D design is that you can see width, depth, and height on the coin. A fully designed 3D coin comes with 2 color sides. Any antique metal goes well with this for optimum effect, but brass has the best ‘aged’ effect.

4. Polished metal with epoxy coating

Gold, silver, and brass are all polished metals that go well with a coin that has an epoxy coating.A sleek and polished coin usually has an epoxy coating. An epoxy coating is essentially a layer of resin which is placed on either one or both sides of the coin to provide a clear and glossy finish. Customers opt to have epoxy coating because they want to emphasize the 3D design on their coins. makes it easy for those who are interested in ordering a specially customized challenge coin. They offer free shipping within the US, and the coins come individually packed in clear PVC bags.